this is not joke or bullshit.

im very calm and sticky stocker.

i got visitors ipadress records. it could occur that i find you and kill you.

write anythign any languiguage.

i need any word not word i dont need word. i need any ni gi mi ssip sae ki ya

write anything a mu kker ra do juk eu r go ssip pal kae sae ki jot ppan ni ki mi ssip pal nyun a

i very horrible sickfuck

im officially mental disorder man.

i got criminal records. not bluffing.

i raped children 8 times.

i steal someones persue? 12times.

and i murderd 3 people.

totally i got 23 criminal record.

if you want not to dead. write anything motherfucker

im very ugly, no educated, and very ambigious pronuncation so people cant understand what im saying even i spoke to them my natural lang korean. and i cant walk straightly. so i got nothing to loose.

if i would trapped in jail. it also make my happy. cause in jail have served free meal and sleep place.

i warning you motherfuckers. this is not joke or bluff

if you not writing anything in here any language no proble.  langugae is not important i dont mind what languige written. im not care about that.

i got visitors ipadress records. if you not write anything. so i cound find you. and i will find your house and i get there with my prepared killing tools.